How The Summer Trends In Fashion Evolved From The 50s Till Now

bis Sans Tabù auf Jul 31, 2023

How The Summer Trends In Fashion Evolved From The 50s Till Now

Summer trends emerge from fashion brands, evolving the stylistic landscape.

The 1950s: Women's clothing saw a shift towards softer shoulder lines, smaller corset waists, and long skirts with rounded hips, exuding a graceful and refined look.

The 1960s: A decade heavily influenced by the Hippie culture. Bold floral prints, crochet, tie-dye patterns and miniskirts were all prominent features of the era's fashion scene.

The 1970s: Showcased a diverse range of fashion trends, building upon the continued popularity of bell-bottom pants and tie-dye clothing. However, the era also saw the emergence of platform boots and shoes.

The 1980s: Sporty one-piece bathing suits became a major trend. Oceanside boardwalks and vacation spots were adorned with casual, button-down shirts featuring colorful prints, adding a laid-back and fun vibe to summer fashion.

The 1990s: Madonna had a significant influence on fashion during this era, as her daring and skin-baring styles, , in fact , she popularized the trend of wearing satin bustier tops, ripped jeans. Julia Roberts' look from the movie "Pretty Woman" influenced fashion with menswear shirts and high-waisted culottes.

The 2000s: Low-rise jeans and bedazzled bottoms, often paired with ribbed tank tops, became popular staples in many wardrobes. Bohemian vibes were prevalent through the use of flowy maxi skirts.

Present-day: The 2023 summer fashion is an exciting blend of various elements. It incorporates a nostalgic throwback to the nineties, embraces the emergence of the coastal cowgirl aesthetic, and fosters a casual yet luxurious vibe reminiscent of "quiet luxury" .